Career Overview

Chad Carrodus has a unique career, especially seeing he's 21 years old. Chad has always been known as a serial entrepreneur. Through meticulous attention to detail and vicious drive, he has found success at an early age. As the Founder of Carrodus Asset Management, LLC, a personal holding corporation with diversified interests in B2B SaaS, mobile applications, social monetization, e-commerce, depreciating asset brokerage, brand management consulting, corporate restructuring, start up advising, and professional speaking–– Chad has seasoned experience in an array of industries, at an early age.

Prior to entering these ventures, Chad had a stent in private aviation. He sold multi-million dollar aircraft and charters to some of the world’s most notable executives, heads of state, and celebrities.

Chad founded a charitable organization, which has received commendation from Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal. Additionally, Chad is the youngest member of the Board of Directors for The Fatherless Daughter Project, where he serves alongside Atlanta’s most accomplished executives, socialites, and TV personalities. Chad’s significant accomplishments made him the youngest person to ever make Georgia Trend 40 under 40 list. He was also honored on a 20 under 20 lists earlier the same year.


Chad has refused to use his age an excuse; instead, he uses it as a platform as he works to fulfill his dreams. Chad's entrepreneurial drive has been present his entire life. His first venture was a modern twist on the classic lemonade stand. 

At the mere age of 12, Chad began buying broken iPhones with money saved from miscellaneous chores the reselling them online. While tangible profits may not have been plentiful, Chad continues to capitalize on the skills and realizations discovered through this venture.  

Marketing his gift for sales to essentially everyone he knew, Chad created a brokerage service. He escalated from managing garage sales to selling luxury automobiles and watercraft. He brought sellers higher prices, as he confidently and effectively negotiated on behalf of the seller. 

A passion and talent for sales, at an uncommonly young age, was noted by various leaders through an array of fields. He was able to leverage his talent and network into the private aviation industry. At the age of 16, he sold charters for private jets and various private aviation services under one of the country's leading experts.

Chad entered the technology space at the age of 17, initially serving as a general consultant to an international B2B SaaS, BizBoards International, Inc. He was eventually appointed to serve as the company's CEO, responsible for managing the company's operations and strategic efforts across the globe. During his tenure at BizBoards, he achieved a multi-million dollar pre-launch valuation after successfully leading a F&F investment round.

Currently, Chad is focused on GoWithMe, which he co-founded. GoWithMe is an event based social application which is setting a new standard for the ways we interact. GoWithMe leverages the power of technology to facilitate new friendships, relationships, and companionships formed around common interests. With advanced features to elevate personal safety and a seamless user interface, GoWithMe is a powerful application with a simple mission.



Above the awards and accolades, Chad values the fulfillment he receives through serving his community. As founder of a charitable organization, Chad's dream-big mentality has allowed Atlanta Children's Charities (ACC) to grow rapidly, resulting in more positively impacted lives. He founded this clearing house  when he found it difficult to volunteer somewhere where he could see the impact he was making. Chad quickly joined forces with his high school peers on a quest to touch the lives of those in his Metro Atlanta community. Just a year later, at the age of 18, Chad was orchestrating the group of over 300 students in volunteering at organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House. ACC has raised significant funds and provided students and the community with thousands of volunteer hours. In moving to Texas, Chad appointed a team to maintain daily operations in Atlanta. He continues to advise them, as they continue to spread a passion to serve today.

Chad sits on the board of directors for The Fatherless Daughter Project as the youngest board member. TFDP is a novel, documentary, as well as a non-profit providing tools to fatherless daughters. There is also a novel titled The Fatherless Daughter Project, which was published by Penguin Random House. Chad was invited to join by TFDP founders, as he offers counsel alongside a group of board members which include CEO's, TV personalities, and socialites. 

At Atlanta Ronald McDonald House with Tristen & Anslee Wilson. Tristen (far right) miraculously survived after having a tree fallen on him and initially being pronounced DOA.     Read the news report here

At Atlanta Ronald McDonald House with Tristen & Anslee Wilson. Tristen (far right) miraculously survived after having a tree fallen on him and initially being pronounced DOA. Read the news report here