Motivation Through Inspiration

I’ve found inspiring others is one of the most powerful forms of fulfillment. In discovering this, I’ve come across a critical message that needs to be shared with everyone. One of my guiding principles is that you must be strong and bold; no matter if what you are doing is large or small, because you simply never know who you might be inspiring.

That message has given me purpose and filled me with passion in all that I do. I’ve been bold and confident, which really does allow me to bring my dreams to fruition.

However, there was a period of plateau and personal struggle. I was beginning to feel burnt out. I started feeling like I had all the glitter, but not the gold. Not in a material sense, but rather a lack of fulfillment. I was filled with gratitude through my charity and work within the community, but I still felt some sort of void.

I came to a sudden realization of my purpose when someone approached me in the hall. “Chad!” said a bashful student whom I’ve never actually exchanged words with prior to this moment. “I know this is really random” she said quietly, “but I wanted to tell you I follow your blog and it’s people like you who inspire me to succeed.” In this second I felt all of the stress and pressure I’ve put on myself in these past few years have instantly become worth the battle. I was so focused on trying to find my purpose; I almost didn’t let my purpose find me. Knowing that I am one of the sources of inspiration for someone whom I don’t have a close relationship with, engulfs me with the deepest and warmest sense of fulfillment. I’ve used this split second conversation to fuel me through expanding my charity, ultimately creating a better school, community, and world.

Don’t give up on anything, because you never know who’s watching.