What have you done to change the world today?

In realizing the leaps and bounds I’ve personally grown in such a short period of time, I began thinking about how much the world itself has grown as well. The common root of growth throughout the world is a result of an entrepreneur, in some sense or another. Entrepreneurship is about innovation through alternative means of education.

The iconic attraction, "It's A Small World," was introduced at Disneyland in 1966. The ride promotes the magic of Walt Disney’s vision, as the meaning remains relevant decades later. Fast-forward 38 years to a Harvard dorm where the multibillion-dollar company Facebook was developed as the digital epitome of cross-cultural interaction, bringing the world came together online. The time in between represents a period of incredible innovation in which a globalized economy would emerge, eliminating the political boundaries which maintained cultural insularity. As the world came together so too has its biases. It is important to promote a spirit of tolerance so that greater understanding can be achieved. At the root is a common humanity that is too often overlooked. Innovation is the key to exposing the inherent beauty of cultural diversity. As Disney suggests, the world is small and getting smaller each day.

The world relies on entrepreneurs to create the future. Leaving me with the final question of, what have you done to change the world today?