Be the s'more

The feedback we've received for BizBoards has been great so far. We are taking proven business models (online job boards, investment opportunities, etc.) and combining into one product. Therefore, it's like we're creating something totally new from things that already worked. The best analogy I can think of would be a s'more. Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows were eaten and enjoyed individually. However, when the s'more recipe was published by the Girl Scouts in 1927, the entire game was changed! Something totally new was created from treats people already loved. This new treat was not called a "chocolate-graham-marshmallow." Alike, BizBoards is not called "online business marketplace-investment board-job posting." Instead, a catchy name was coined to describe these innovations. Some may say being an entrepreneur is about reinventing the wheel. But sometimes it's just about replacing the stock rims with a set of Vossens. Sorry for all the analogies, I'm just on a roll. WOW! Wheel...roll...that wasn't even done on purpose.